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Healthy and intelligent technology, YAIR launched VOSH II

YAIR annual partner conference was held in Chuhou, Anhui province on Jan. 28th 2015. YAIR invited more than 500 core dealers and suppliers from all over the country. Besides, MR. Xu Dongsheng, Secretary of CHEAA made an important speech. All top managers attended this meeting. Liu Daren, General manager of AVC air conditioning environment division and Huang Yunyong, General manager of CHEARI industrial design center also made special speech.

YAIR launched VOSH IIduring the meeting. Beside of basic functions, YAIR added many new functions in VOSH generation II, such as smart controlling, comfort and health, efficiency and energy-saving. Before YAIR had signed strategic cooperation agreement with DunAn about intelligent AC in order to promote internet platform into market and promote intelligent home appliances. VOSH IIintelligent features are as below aspects.

I. WIFI intelligent IOT 

WIFI intelligent IOT works through mobile phones, Pad and other equipment and connected to air conditioner wirelessly to adjust the sleep curve according to your ideas. You can intelligently remote control your air conditioner even you are not at home. After VOSH IIwith Smart Control IOT connected to intelligent terminals or YAIR ECS, users can control one or more air-conditioning by phones, Pad (only for Andriod, IOS system) and other mobile devices to enjoy the fun of remote controlling. Intelligent technology makes people control everything by humanity.


II. Smart I-feel

With man-machine interaction technology, remote control can automatically detect the room temperature to achieve 360°I-feel and then intelligently control room temperature to achieve the most comfortable status. Truly make temperature changes according to people’s surrounding temperature, more scientific, more personalized. With I-feel technology, air conditioning can adjust temperature according to people’s surrounding temperature. And always make people inside comfortable surroundings.  


III. Remove PM2.5

With more and more air pollution, PM2.5 becomes important air pollutants which seriously affect human health. VOSH generation IIwith efficient dust collection IFD, which let airborne particles with diameter less than 2.5 micron charged by electronic generator and collect this particles by Electric field, removes PM 2.5 pollutants inside air. In addition, VOSH generation IIwith independent ventilation device, which has two-direction ventilating and PM2.5 purification function, discharging polluted air, supplying fresh air, fully filter and purify PM2.5 inside air and let life more comfortable and healthy.


IV. Remove formaldehyde efficiently

VOSH generation IIwith advanced catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde and modular device, which based on carbon, absorb formaldehyde strongly. At the same time, it can break down harmful air into water and carbon dioxide at normal temperature to keep air inside clean.


V. ECO super energy saving mode

Just start ECO button, the outdoor can read current temperature by special sensor any time and enter super energy saving mode automatically. Difference from other “reduce cooling capacity and comfort level to save energy” is that VOSH generation IIhas double phase and double mode with outside temperature 30 degree as critical point.  Regarding different ambient temperature, it can control temperature precisely eight hours to save energy.

Air conditioner market showed three trends in 2014. First under condition of weak growth for offline market, online market grows rapidly. Second air conditioning system is upgrading to high-end, energy-saving, healthy, fashion and smart features. Third high-end products are extending to third or fourth markets from first or secondary market. And market sharing is rising constantly. With above high-end intelligent features, air conditioning system represented by VOSH generation II, will come into market constantly. Air conditioning system will have intelligent time.In the future, healthy and intelligent air conditioning system may have bright prospects.