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Director of China Appliance Association Ms. Jiang Feng’s Visiting

On March 28th, Chinese Appliance Association director Jiang Feng and Electronic Magazine editor Chen Li visited our group, our chairman Zeng Xiaocheng and vice president Fang Zhao introduced the "green development" concept to them and the achievements in the production of green, intelligent process and management.

Director Jiang Feng inspected our national technology center, the National Laboratory Accreditation (CNAS) and R290 refrigerant production line. She gave a high complimentary remarks to the development of Q series products, frequency heating unit, the integrated design of the cylindrical cabinet and art machine cabinet with speaker function. For new type of product-smart minibar, she also expressed interest and suggest us to put forward the good positioning, identify consumer groups and expand sales.

At present, Yangzi air conditioning has fully realized the environmental protection of the whole series of refrigerants. In the list of green manufacturing announced recently by the Ministry of industry and commerce, Yangzi air conditioner has been identified as a green factory, and the products have been identified as green design products. These are the highest recognition of the country and the society for the green development of the Yangzi air conditioner company for many years.

Director Jiang Feng said that it was the 30 years of continuous accumulation to lay a solid technical foundation for Yangzi air conditioning. On this basis, we must adhere to the idea of innovation and green development to keep Yangzi in the forefront of the industry. She hoped Yangzi air conditioning would play an exemplary role in "green factory" and continue to develop green products, with a focus on popularizing the product concept of "energy saving, material saving, environmental protection and ecology" and making persistent efforts to make greater contributions to the development of green manufacturing and low-carbon environmental protection.

Entourage: Director of Chuzhou Economic and Information Technology Committee Ning Jianbin;

Deputy Director of Chuzhou Development Area Sun Hong and other related leaders.