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A Special Bullet Train

A special bullet train - "YANGZI AIR CONDITIONER", is galloping on the Beijing-Shanghai railway.

On December 18th, inaugural ceremony of "YANGZI AIR CONDITIONER" - branded special train held at ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station. Mr.He Chunsheng, our vice president, completed the ceremony with the leaders of the Shanghai Railway Administration, the leaders of Chinese Railway Media and the representative of our partner. The“YANGZI AIR CONDITIONER” -No. G118 was full of passengers and slowly drove out of the Hongqiao hub.

The speed of bullet train reaches 350 kilometers per hour, which is one of the fastest commercial high-speed rail train in the world. It has become the symbol of "China speed". The "YANGZI AIR CONDITIONER" train connects China's economic center (Shanghai) and the political center (Beijing). It  runs through the developed regions of Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and the plate market of the Yangzi air conditioner. And the Chuzhou city which is the location of headquarter of Yangzi Group,  is one of the stops also.

For many years, Yangzi air conditioning has always focused on the steady development in the field of HVAC and refrigeration, actively exploring technological innovation and channel transformation. At present, we have become one of the top 10 domestic air conditioning brands. Residential air conditioners have won the award of Chinese AC innovation design of 2017. “Yangzi” also is the Energy-saving Model Brand of Chinese AC and so on. Our commercial air conditioner system is one of the top 100 brands and modular machines gained many honors, such as the award of excellent doctor of 2017 China HVAC refrigeration and so on. From the attention to products and quality, we never stop technology innovation and precipitation.

Yangzi air conditioner, Seiko and foot material, have been focusing on quality for 30 years. We are giving a complete obedience to the idea of "quality life and quality sharing" and keep the high quality. At the same time, in the promotion of brand promotion, a series of external publicity and promotion are put into effect. It is an important step of carrying out the brand promotions for us with Jingdong household appliances. It also foreshadowed the Yangzi air conditioner would develop with "Chinese speed" just as the speed of Chinese bullet train! We also will be continue to provide the best products and the highest quality service for consumers.