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YAIR-A Innovation Sample In Air Conditioning China

YAIR air conditioner was started 30 years ago. Looking around, we can’t find the peers who still have vigorous vitality at that time. This is embodiment of industrial progress and cruelty of market competition, it’s also the display of YAIR air conditioner profound connotation. In the development history of China air conditioning industrial in the past decades, there was a fiery price war, there was a variety of brilliant event marketing, there were concept planning competitions and there are many business and production/marketing innovation.

Interestingly, it is almost impossible to find the shadows of YAIR in every standard event or hotspot in the development of industrial. YAIR is like a mirror, which undergoes the changes of brand patterns, channel pattern and adjustment of products, silently mapping the changes of industry and markets. YAIR, standing on the historic peak of production and sales scale in last year, set another new high in this year and will set another again. The development process of YAIR itself is also an innovation sample in the evolution of industrial.

Modest Publicity

In 2017, China air conditioning was witnessed a most brilliant market development in the past decade. In the same year, YAIR sets a record too, the year-on- year growth rate is about 85%. In 2018, YAIR’s growth rate is still keeping. At the end of July, YAIR market sales increased by more than 50%. In fact, domestic air conditioning marketing is not such good, big stock, rising raw materials costs and increasingly scares of resources have brought heavy pressure on air conditioning manufactories. It’s not easy to make such growth for YAIR if without long-term follow-up and in-depth exploration.

YAIR, owns professional channels system in Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui province, has been more outstanding in electronic business platform in recent years. In fact, as early as 2009, when many enterprises keeps wait , YAIR already had completed the online layout. In the past three years, YAIR air conditioner sales scale on JD has double very year.

YAIR, which meets the 30th anniversary of this year, is an old band but does not stick to tradition. Its outstanding performance on the electronic platform has attracted the attention and imitation of many small or mid enterprises. YAIR with such good market performance can’t be simply summarized by its rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength. Yair did not miss any opportunities in the past developments it seldom presents its own state in the public opinion.

If without the steady growth rate in recent years, it would have been difficult for YAIR to be perceived by the outside world to have such beautiful market performance. YAIR survived in every shuffle crisis and glide smoothly in the face of every market opportunity is that its rocks spirit in such waves of sea.

Stick on our Nature.

It is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Zeng Xiao Cheng, the chairman of YAIR, is one of the most experienced on our own products. He installed and test every product in the past 10 years. Only after inspecting from himself, the product can be push to the market. Chairman Zeng is a typical technical controller and product controller. His attitude to the products reflects the attitude of YAIR to our products quality.

It is worth mentioning that people will notice that YAIR is little bigger and heavier than other brands of air conditioners, It’s one of our principles to make products with real cooling and heating performance

Comparing with similar brand, YAIR is more valuable in the construction of product development, technology research and development. Many Years ago, YAIR already set up a independent product design and development organization to create R&D and manufactory platform. Because of this, YAIR can build up a complete product matrix in the field of household air conditioner and central air conditioner, and has the ability to have the first R290 assembly line which has passed the acceptance test

YAIR is generous in products technology innovation but always economical in marketing and brand promotion. There is no limitation on product and laboratory input. Adherence to the quality is the core spirit of survival and development.

YAIR is not good at innovation and marketing models on the surface, but YAIR has most stable channel network and most stable foundation for circulation. It has made big progress on the electronic platform in recent years. In the past 30 years, YAIR has been cleverly pinched on the business relationship and has been firmly committed to the stable and mutually beneficial cooperation between industrial enterprises and commercial capital. So that YAIR can be step out of steady steps in the turbulence of complex business environment.

If we say that the investment to product and technology is the adherence to the nature of manufacturing, then the demand of stable product quality is the adherence to the end user. If we say the selective entry of various forms of business is to adhere to law of circulation, then not blindly expanding and orderly allocation of resource is to adhere to the nature of management. It is precisely there adherence , case YAIR for 30 yeas a stable development.

Innovation and Future.

After growing for 30 years, YAIR has been a sample for innovation to find the right path to meet the needs of survival and development. In such respect, YAIR has done well enough. Looking at the other brands which started together with YAIR, we can see how hard YAIR has been going in the past 30 years.

However, it does not mean that YAIR has always lived on a budget but without more ambition. It does not mean that YAIR is always steady and do not conform to is own capabilities and market rules. YAIR has laid a solid foundation in the past 30 years. Our future is often the result of nature, and it’s close related to our innovation in technology, products, business models and diversification.

Green Manufactory, Green Products

Green and energy saving products are the best products for customers. YAIR will always take such green development as the theme of development. As a national green manufactory , YAIR will constantly develop green products, focusing on promoting the “Energy saving, Environment Protection, Ecological” and actively promote green cause.

360 Degree Integration Design

With the upgrade of consumption, the artistic cabinet is the trend of air conditioner. Since the listing of our 360 degree integration design , it has been recognized by customers, and won “Consumer Fashion Innovation Design Award” and “Consumer Fashion Energy Saving Award”

First 4P and 5P cylindrical floor Standing in AC industry

With the upgrade of consumption and the increasing demand for large floor standing, YAIR launched the exclusive design for large space, 4P and 5P cylindrical floor standing.

Full Range of A plus Efficiency

YAIR complete the whole series of high efficiency, wall type Efficiency is up to 4.82.

Innovation Minimalist Product

YAIR develop classic Q design, durable type and super quiet and liberate your hands. Q type is minimalist design with A4 Depth but bigger capacity. It show up the expectation that YAIR will adapt to new generations with light fashion, younger and simple products

Full range of King kong outdoor unit

In fact, customers spend 2/3 of money on outdoor unit. YAIR develop a new platform named King Kong with higher strength stiffeners. Through the design of left-handed fan to raise the air supply distance to 10.5m. This design enlarge the exchange capacity, supply higher power with lower noise and quicker cooling/heating.

Innovation and Cross-Boundary Product

YAIR is not only focus on our main business but also build up cross-border development. PRIMST mini bar is a sample, building in tea table, refrigerator, speaker and USB charging to supply a home entertainment center and meet a new requirement of high quality life. This product is fully demonstrates the demands and innovation development of YAIR in integration of related diversified development and channel resource.

For a long-term view, YAIR just opened a blue chapter in last thirty years. All new innovation measures in recent years are not a rash move, it’s not only a addition to YAIR own development, but also adapt to the new industrial development, new user group and new consumption trend. YAIR is very good at doing the right things at the right time. It’s not surprise that YAIR will land in the capital market in the near future, just like YAIR abides the nature of manufacture and adapts to the change of times, the world should adjust its perspective on YAIR too.