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YAIR Q type Art Floor Standing Launching Ceremony

Today, we under extremely pressure from space and resource, we believe all products should be change to create a more reasonable and natural way of life. Air conditioners in ideal life should not be isolated, but integrated with overall home style. Therefore, compact fuselage design is with high value in such space and resource.

As a great work in 2018, YAIR Q type art floor standing completely broke the traditional air conditioning design with its compact body, simple line and exquisite appearance, it successfully staged a gorgeous encounter between traditional house hold appliance and art aesthetics.

Cross Border Art A New Home Appliance

YAIR has laid a solid technical foundation in last 3 years. Q type art floor standing unit is guided by user demand, it’s not only to meet the market demand of artistic appearance, but also the requirement of modern home fashion, so as to achieve the overall upgrading of taste.

In product design, less using of screws is really a test of design. With innovation on design, YAIR Q type art floor standing has no one screw on indoor unit surface. It’s a great breakthrough in technology. In UI design, YAIR restarts the function of physical touch button, the operation is more intuitive and convenient. In order to enhance the user experience, we add a circle of LED light around the buttons to indicate the running condition mode by changing the light. The whole design can interpret the design concept of “Less is More.”

Efforts in internal and external, Differentiated Competition

Nowadays, it’s not enough to touch consumers’ heart by only beautiful face. Q type art floor standing is truly “black technology” in product function. Innovative intelligent voice control technology through voice recognition can understand the user’s intentions to free your hands totally.

YAIR Q type art floor standing is concentrated of quality, Quick and Quiet. The King Kong outdoor unit is equipped with international brand high efficiency compressor to supply high capacity, stable operation, high efficiency and low noise. Both indoor unit and outdoor unit are super quiet operation to supply a high-quality night for even infants or baby.

Star shining in May

After the spring, it’s hotter in summer. Air conditioner business is hotter too. YAIR Q type art floor standing launching ceremony with YAIR and JD was held in Yangzi industrial development zone. Both YAIR and JD set a good price for both our new and old customers.