Air Cooled scroll chiller LSRF-130F/R1BH

- Ultra low temperature air supplying enthalpy adding Unit

- Wide set temperature in heating conditioning.

- Super heating function

- Energy saving function

- Anti-frozen function

Application: Hotel, shopping mall, office building, exhibition hall, airport, gymnasium, etc.


High efficient scroll type compressor

YAIR high efficiency scroll type modular chiller is equipped with international brand of compressors. It’s with high efficiency, stable operation, quiet running.

High efficient air side heat exchanger

YAIR max type heat exchanger is the biggest U type heat exchanger in air conditioning line, the total length is 3m, height is 1.2m. This design subverts the traditional design with 2-way air inlet but achieves 360 degree of wind inlet, greatly improves the performance.

High efficient water side heat exchanger

YAIR unique design of high efficient water side heat exchanger has high heat exchange efficiency, good anti-freezing ability, reliability and consistency.

Low Noise axial type fan matching high efficient motor.

YAIR max type scroll chiller is equipped with semi-immersed fan matching with high efficient motor to achieve low noise operation

High precision electronic expansion valve

The system adopts the throttle of electronic expansion valve + microcomputer controller + pressure sensors, which has high control precision and wide control range. According to the change of refrigeration load, the electronic expansion valve can accurately control to regulate of refrigerant flow, to realize the maximum cooling / heating capacity. The energy efficiency is always in the best position.

Environment-friendly Refrigerant R410a

Environmental friendly refrigerant R410a does not contain chlorine elements that destroy the ozone layer, the ozone layer destruction coefficient (ODP) is 0, while effectively reduces CO2 emissions with stronger low temperature resistance, higher refrigeration efficiency

Focus on quality, Stability and Reliability

Intelligent frost Technology

The intelligent control software designed by YAIR has excellent refrigeration system design. The controller can adjust the defrosting time intelligently according to the different operating conditions, effectively defrosting, defrosting without exception, and reasonably control the defrosting process of the unit to ensure that the defrosting of the unit is more thorough.

Modular balanced operation technology

According to the system load, the unit rotates and sets priority opening module units, balances the running time of each module, greatly improves the reliability and service life of the unit.

Multiple frost protection, strong frost resistance.

Shell and tube heat exchanger ensure the system with high anti-freezing performance. At the same time, the unit can control low temperature protection according to ambient temperature and evaporation pressure, and prevent freezing in winter, so as to ensure the reliable operation of the water system of the unit.

Super protection function to ensure system operation safety

The unit is equipped with a full-featured protection module, which has 13 most complete safety protection functions and powerful fault self-diagnosis functions

Loss or Reverse Phase Protection

Current Overload Protection

Insufficient Water Flow Protection

Pump Overload protection

Pump Linkage Protection

Overload protection for fan motor

Compressor High Exhaust Pressure Protection

Compressor Low Return Air Pressure Protection

Compressor High Exhaust Temperature Protection

Compressor Intelligent Scroll Temperature Protection

Low Cooling water outlet protection in cooling conditioning

High cooling water outlet protection in heating conditioning

Anti-Freezing protection

Intelligent control, Convenient Installation

Modular design, Flexible installation

Different model of modular chiller can be assembled in any combination of 1-16 units. The whole system can be connected in parallel with the maximum cooling capacity up to 3120kw. The same system can be started by stages, running equally, and reducing the impact of starting current on power net.

New Touch Type wire controller

A wire controller can control up to 16 modules in parallel to realize centralized control. At the same time, users can know the operation status and fault status of the unit in time by wire controller.

Building Control Systems

Unit standard allocation Rs485 communication interface with ModBus communication protocol, it can link building control system to realize centralized control and intelligent project management

Features of Ultra Low temperature modular Chiller

Adopting the world's leading type EVI COPELAND enthalpy compressor

The jet enthalpy increasing compressor is specially designed according to the low temperature working condition, adopts two-stage throttling intermediate jet technology, preheating by economizer, realizes the effect of increasing enthalpy, runs reliably at low temperature, and meets the heating demand in the cold area.

Ultra Low temperature and wide temperature range operation

The reliable operating range of YAIR MAX ultra-low temperature series module chiller can be - 26℃ ~ 48℃, and the unit can heating strongly in the ambient temperature - 26℃, and the stable operation of - 26℃ ~ 48℃ wide temperature range can be realized.

Super heating capacity

The heating capacity of the unit is 15% higher than normal modular chiller, the efficient is 10% higher, even in low ambient temperature -10℃,attenuation is small, heating capacity is 21.5% higher than normal modular chiller, efficiency is 25% higher too.

Excellent Energy saving Effect

At -20 ambient temperature, the LSRF-130F/R1BH efficiency ratio is 2.1w/w and runs economically.

Freon auxiliary heat exchanger adopts international brand SWEP plate type heat exchanger, which has bigger condensation super-cooling and remarkable improvement in low temperature heating.


Model LSRF-100F/R1-E2 LSRF-130F/R1-E2 LSRF-130F/R1BH LSRF-160F/R1BH
Rated Cooling Capacity KW 100 130 127 130
Rated Heating Capacity KW 115 145 156 160
Cooling Input Power KW 33.3 41.9 40.9 41.9
Heating Input power KW 35.9 43.3 44.3 44.3
Power Supply V/PH/HZ 380/3/50
Compressor Type - Scroll type Vapor Injected Scroll Type
Water side Type - Shell and Tube
Water volme M3/H 17.2 22.4 Cooling:21.8   heating:26.8 27.5
Water resistance KPA 50-60
Refrigerant Type - R410a
Weight KG 4*9 4*8.5 4*9 4*9
Protection - high/low pressure protection, overload protection, Loss/Reverse Phase   protection, Anti-freezing protection
Temp. Range -16~48 -16~48 -26~48 -26~48
Noise Level dB(A) 69 69 69 69
Diemsnion W MM 2200 2200 2200 2200
D MM 1100 1100 1100 1100
H MM 2340 2340 2340 2340
Unit weight KG 950 1100 1200 1200
Inlet/outlet pipe MM DN65 DN65 DN65 DN65